Arthritic knee

Stabilizes the knee and relieves pain

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INDICATIONS: Wearing the EPITHELIUMFLEX® PHYSIOstrap™ helps to relieve and protect your delicate or painful knee (osteoarthritis, patella diseases, fragile ligaments, etc.). It helps to bring a feeling of stability and to continue or return to everyday activities forgetting about it. 

Contraindications: To ensure that blood circulation is not impeded, do not use if you have arteritis, severe varicose conditions, sequelae of phlebitis or oedema (lymphatic/venous) of the lower leg and/or the thigh. Do not use with compression stockings. Do not use on a skin lesion.  .


• Wash the PHYSIOstrap™ before the first use.

 • The PHYSIOstrap™ has been designed to be used dynamically: do not wearing it for long periods of time when you are seated or lying down. Do not bend your leg to less than 90° when you are seated.  

• If you experience pain, oedema, discomfort or any other abnormal reactions stop using the product and consult a doctor

Wearing the support: 

In order to wear the knee brace optimally, do not apply moisturising cosmetics before using the PHYSIOstrap™.

ATTENTION! To guarantee good hold, the product must be washed before each use. At the very least, wash the silicone elastic bands with soap and water (without scrubbing them) to remove any dirt.

LIFESPAN: Wash in a machine at 30°C or by hand with soap and water (without rubbing) and leave to dry naturally.  Do not iron. 

COMPOSITION: 71% polyamide/elastane tissue, 29% silicone.

The biocompatibility of the materials has been assessed according to Standard ISO 10 993-1 for products which come into contact with the skin.  If any reactions occur however you should stop using the support immediately and inform MILLET Innovation Company. The MILLET Innovation Company cannot take any responsibility for use which does not comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The reference language is French. Initial CE Mark: 2016.

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Stabilizes the knee and relieves pain

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